Craigmore Sustainables (Farming) N.V. in AmsterdamIcicle Acquisition Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPPHE Germany B.V. in AmsterdamUBM Spinoza B.V. in AmsterdamLeopard 78 Holding B.V. in AmsterdamMK Holding B.V. in HuizenMetair International Holdings Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamLuknic Investments B.V. in AmsterdamFIRST Rotterdam Beheer B.V. in Amsterdam165A Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamGlobal Management Solutions Holding B.V. in AmsterdamAlpInvest United B.V. in AmsterdamAlpInvest Partners Mezzanine 2012-2014 B.V. in AmsterdamAlpInvest Partners Fund Investments 2012 II B.V. in AmsterdamAlpInvest Partners Fund Investments 2012 I B.V. in AmsterdamAlpInvest Partners 2012 I B.V. in AmsterdamAlpInvest Mich B.V. in AmsterdamBeheermaatschappij Picsou B.V. in AmsterdamInvestor Voice B.V. in HaarlemStichting Administratiekantoor Camunico in AmsterdamJ.L. Haselager Beheer B.V. in WestbeemsterAugentius (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamChemreserve Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamCapstone Investment Advisors (Netherlands), B.V. in AmsterdamCapital A Holding V B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Rolling in AmsterdamStichting Stones in AmsterdamAlpInvest Partners Co-Investments 2011 II C.V. in AmsterdamLumbrica Holding B.V. in WassenaarOCM Ozu Holdings PT, B.V. in AmsterdamSingular Holding B.V. in AlmereDvoika Investments B.V. in AmsterdamIVWorks B.V. in AmsterdamAppollon B.V. in AmsterdamKony Solutions B.V. in AmsterdamE. Iwan Holding B.V. in AmsterdamInteraca B.V. in AmsterdamECBPF II (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Wavaburg in AmsterdamStichting Muitenburg in AmsterdamDiscover Exploration B.V. in AmsterdamFleurette Holdings Netherlands B.V. in 's-GravenhageStingray Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamFeederco Signature B.V. in AmsterdamTodos Holdings DRE, B.V. in AmsterdamRBS AA Holdings (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamMotorola Mobility Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamJeannetta Berghahn Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamRoog Holding B.V. in AmsterdamShokuwa Holding B.V. in AmsterdamNS Invest B.V. in HeemstedeVictoria London B.V. in AmsterdamPetrignani Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamEF Educational Services B.V. in AmsterdamNostegena B.V. in AmsterdamLeduc Limited in UtrechtVortex Capital Partners B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Telenet Finance VI Luxembourg in AmsterdamOcean Rig Block 33 Brasil Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamTwist Beauty Packaging Holdings Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Maltinnaburg in AmsterdamFields Group Holding B.V. in AmsterdamVEON Georgia Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamHill-Rom Holdings Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamCMM Investments B.V. in RijswijkPashkus Holding B.V. in AmsterdamDiversey Netherlands Holdings IV Coöperatief U.A. in UtrechtSealed Air Netherlands Holdings V B.V. in NijmegenSolar Age Investments B.V. in AmsterdamAESF Smash Acquisition B.V. in AmsterdamDiscover Exploration Comoros B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Caduceus in AmsterdamPygo Netherlands Holding B.V. in ArnhemVlissingen Company B.V. in AmsterdamVibe Legal Holding B.V. in AmsterdamTalmai Holding B.V. in AmsterdamCoal Development Holding B.V. in AmsterdamClean 2009 C.V. in AmsterdamClean 2011 II C.V. in AmsterdamClean 2012 I C.V. in AmsterdamDordrecht Company B.V. in AmsterdamRubacore B.V. in AmsterdamACCO Holding Company B.V. in AmsterdamCustodian Vesteda Fund I B.V. in AmsterdamCustodian Vesteda Fund II B.V. in AmsterdamCustodian Vesteda Fund III B.V. in AmsterdamCustodian Vesteda Fund IV B.V. in AmsterdamLive Brand B.V. in AmsterdamCitrist B.V. in AmsterdamPerlong Investments B.V. in AmsterdamBaarn Company B.V. in AmsterdamHolland Haptics Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamCareFusion Netherlands 504 B.V. in VianenProductores Ned B.V. in 's-GravenhageMannKind Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamPortQuay Properties B.V. in AmsterdamEriell Oilfield Services B.V. in AmsterdamTiger Global PIP Holding B.V. in AmsterdamFaber (Netherlands) Investments B.V. in AmsterdamSTG-Fairway B.V. in SchipholAZIOLAREFIN Olie, Energie & Fabricage B.V. in 's-GravenhageEurirefin B.V. in AmsterdamFormula E Rights B.V. in AmsterdamElizarefin B.V. in AmsterdamJoek Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamZimmer Netherlands Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamKrios B.V. in AmsterdamVerholen Management B.V. in ArnhemSneeuwwit B.V. in AmsterdamLord Europe C.V. in AmsterdamFuDaCom B.V. in AmsterdamAYCP B.V. in AmsterdamVan der Velden B.V. in AmsterdamS. Pieper Beheer B.V. in WaalwijkStichting Wolters Beheer in AmsterdamLarosa Beheer B.V. in WaspikCoöperatieve Meadowstream Investment W.A. in AmsterdamTYDE Industrial Products Holding Coöperatieve U.A. in AmsterdamWalbro International Holding in AmsterdamBundy Refrigeration International Holding in AmsterdamAtlas Netherlands AcquisitionCo Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamKleine Spui Investments B.V. in AmsterdamJaris Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamPELV B.V. in SchipholGasbus NL One B.V. in SchiedamYum! Global Investments I B.V. in AmsterdamYum! Global Investments II B.V. in AmsterdamMaven Publishing B.V. in AmsterdamJ en D Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamBuds Box B.V. in AmsterdamJ. Spuij Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamBlack Leopard Holding B.V. in KockengenIsit Holding B.V. in AmsterdamRPDF II General Partner in AmsterdamRPDF Beherend Vennoot B.V. in AmsterdamWoningen Nederland 29 C.V. in AmsterdamRPDF Limited Partner B.V. in AmsterdamEndemol Shine Sports Investments B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtSangeeta B.V. in AlmereSubtracers Group B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtFly Partner in in AmsterdamKsdr & Co. B.V. in AmsterdamRolfManon Beheer B.V. in AMSTERDAMProatros Holding B.V. in AmsterdamAzorro Holding B.V. in HeemskerkATM Holding B.V. in AmsterdamHomecareco B.V. in BussumBCLO Karmina Hotels B.V. in AmsterdamAlexander Huijing Holding B.V. in BadhoevedorpGoedschiks Holding B.V. in DuivendrechtA.C. Bouwmeester Holding B.V. in AmsterdamCarlo Pazolini Group B.V. in HoofddorpFrank's Canada Holding B.V. in Den HelderHijzen Holding B.V. in HilversumSabaudia B.V. in AmsterdamVLAMea Holding B.V. in AmsterdamArcher Euro Holding B.V. in AmsterdamRating Group Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPolyshine Holding B.V. in AmsterdamHolding KIT B.V. in AmsterdamVIVA Hostels Amsterdam B.V. in AmsterdamFortune Production B.V. in HoofddorpFrank's International Americas B.V. in Den HelderStichting Administratiekantoor DESCO in AmsterdamSteely Daniel B.V. in AmsterdamWorld Ceramic Investments B.V. in AmsterdamAlta Spain Archibald B.V. in AmsterdamYarovit Motors B.V. in EindhovenDe Drie Eiken N.V. in WeespAlexion Holding B.V. in AmsterdamAnachron Beheer B.V. in Amsterdam1FB B.V. in AmsterdamStoked Industries B.V. in HaarlemDrillship Investment B.V. in AmsterdamBCLO Tucancun Beach B.V. in AmsterdamCoöperatieve Cabana U.A. in AmsterdamExem Oil & Gas B.V. in Schiphol-RijkPervinage Holding B.V. in AmsterdamBernard de Jager Holding B.V. in AmsterdamT.P. Hoffmann B.V. in AmsterdamEmerging Europe Leasing and Finance (EELF) B.V. in AmsterdamBCLO Kukulcan Hotels B.V. in AmsterdamBCLO Brisa Punta Cana B.V. in AmsterdamW.A. ter Schiphorst Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamStreative Branding Holding B.V. in AmsterdamM. Hulsman Beheer B.V. in DiemenTSW Netherlands Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamWM Holding B.V. in DiemenGIANT Amersfoort g27 B.V. in MaastrichtRosé Holding B.V. in AmsterdamAzur Holding B.V. in AmsterdamBariolé Holding B.V. in AmsterdamAragon Capital B.V. in AmsterdamMO Beheer B.V. in LeidenNauta Bouw in EpsePeabody Holland B.V. in AmsterdamSLK Software Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamE.G. Management B.V. in AmsterdamCentral Holding Nederland B.V. in AmsterdamÜlemiste Holding Nederland B.V. in AmsterdamOlümpia Holding Nederland B.V. in AmsterdamMoshi B.V. in DuivendrechtLeo de Later Holding B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamREA Finance B.V. in AmsterdamDaunar B.V. in AmsterdamPromenad Invest B.V. in AmsterdamRembrandt Tower C.V. in AmsterdamStichting Administratiekantoor Sake in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtCentera Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamStichting DUNIA Capital in AmsterdamSanta Carolina C.V. in AmsterdamMarquin B.V. in AmsterdamCoöperatieve GHM Hotels W.A. in AmsterdamSanta Maria Isabel C.V. in AmsterdamZ Gamma B.V. in AmsterdamVisma Nederland B.V. in AmsterdamCatalpatree B.V. in AmsterdamPilone B.V. in AmsterdamBogstone Holding B.V. in AmsterdamCicerone Holding B.V. in AmsterdamCengage Learning Holdings B.V. in SchipholBCLO Portfolio Holding B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Administratiekantoor J & J in AmsterdamAnton van Klooster Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamPatros Investments B.V. in RotterdamQ36 B.V. in AmsterdamApco Worldwide Netherlands Holding B.V. in AmsterdamApco Worldwide Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamLindsay International Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamJacuzzi Company B.V. in AmsterdamLincoln Land Fünfte B.V. in AmsterdamEnergias Renovables B.V. in AmsterdamEnerwind Holding B.V. in AmsterdamIntercross Investments B.V. in AmsterdamAVB Holding Amsterdam B.V. in AmsterdamG.L. Cito Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamSeventy Seven Holding B.V. in AmsterdamF.J.D. Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPIP Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamRichard Rotgans Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamQuad Property Investments B.V. in 's-GravenhageYamit Holding B.V. in AmsterdamJZ Esphold B.V. in UtrechtDelta Lloyd Private Equity Fund 2007 N.V. in AmsterdamLakateto B.V. in AmsterdamEuroBrick International B.V. in HoofddorpPolynifin B.V. in AmsterdamRiusa Ned B.V. in 's-GravenhageRiu Hotels Ned B.V. in 's-GravenhageOrlandofin B.V. in AmsterdamEuro JV Manager B.V. in AmsterdamMPA Newday Germany B.V. in SchipholInternational Orange Holding B.V. in AmsterdamN-Hance Management B.V. in AmsterdamDaan Noppen Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamFeilo Netherlands Holding B.V. in AmsterdamFeilo Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamSeminole Hard Rock International Coöperatieve U.A. in 's-GravenhageTrafalgar Euro Property Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamEngram Beheer B.V. in AmersfoortM. Spijker Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamP.R.A. van Schaik Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamM. Yakhlaf Holding B.V. in AmsterdamMetaldyne Netherlands Sintered Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamTETRA Completion Services Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPrzewalski Investments B.V. in AmsterdamTETRA Completion Services B.V. in AmsterdamKesefa 100 B.V. in AmsterdamOrbitax B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtUrban Treehouse B.V. in AmsterdamProject Maple I B.V. in AmsterdamK.J. Slim Holding B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Fund 14 B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Fund 12 B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Fund 13 B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Fund 11 B.V. in AmsterdamSilicon Image Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamALPLAM Invest B.V. in AmsterdamAxis Cap Investments Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamAverda IP B.V. in Nieuw-VennepHighlander Stichting in AmsterdamTellichery B.V. in AmsterdamCobalt Sky II Coöperatieve U.A. in AmsterdamH.C. Huijsmans Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamNol B.V. in AmsterdamPPF Holdco B.V. in NijmegenSPC Ardmona (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamHandy & Harman Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamSubset B.V. in AmsterdamBrandenburg Barrel Dutch HoldCo B.V. in AmsterdamTextura Coöperatief U.A. in UtrechtArlington Mariveles Netherlands Holding Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamStichting Argentum Netherlands in AmsterdamArgentum Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamTWC C.V. in AmsterdamArcher Belgium B.V. in AmsterdamArlington Mariveles Netherlands Holding B.V. in AmsterdamFaircom Media International Holding B.V. in AmsterdamCity-State N.V. in AmsterdamSablerolle Holding B.V. in AmsterdamEuropean Software Opportunity Fund Corporate B.V. in AmsterdamEuropean Software Opportunity Fund B.V. in AmsterdamOrchidia Investments C.V. in AmsterdamPlaya Cabos B.V. in AmsterdamPlaya Punta Cana Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPlaya Romana B.V. in AmsterdamPlaya Cana B.V. in AmsterdamBCLO Flamenco B.V. in AmsterdamWillbros International Dutch B.V. in AmsterdamSpiksplinter B.V. in AmsterdamS.I.H. (Stella Investment Holdings) B.V. in AmsterdamModino Management B.V. in AmsterdamBCLO Puerto Plata Holding B.V. in AmsterdamHaRo Unlimited B.V. in AmsterdamFingate Investments B.V. in AmsterdamOrchidia Investments B.V. in AmsterdamManicaan B.V. in NoordbeemsterDe Waal Ltd. in AmsterdamChristoff Patron Holding B.V. in HoofddorpIlya Melger Beheer B.V. in HaarlemSan Francisco NED B.V. in 's-GravenhageLaref Whiteside B.V. in AmsterdamNL Media Consultancy B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtGMT Media B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtTextura Holding B.V. in UtrechtTelecom Investments B.V. in HoutenSmart Holding N.V. in 's-GravenhageSmart Energy B.V. in 's-GravenhageYTL Hotels B.V. in AmsterdamAddetra Holding B.V. in AmsterdamBlicksem B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Beheer Derdengelden Kinderopvang in AmsterdamStockbridge Budong Budong B.V. in AmsterdamRens Pluijm Holding B.V. in AmstelveenHess (Netherlands) Oil and Gas B.V. in AmsterdamKE Netherlands Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamLiamLux B.V. in AmsterdamRabo Ventures B.V. in UtrechtMinderop Beheer B.V. in BentveldTVL International B.V. in AmsterdamK12 International Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamNieveld Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamMerienge B.V. in AmsterdamPlaya Riviera Maya B.V. in AmsterdamGekko Amsterdam B.V. in AmsterdamCoöperatieve Activum SG Fund I Investments U.A. in AmsterdamEsther Helsloot Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamRiqueti Beheer B.V. in Alphen aan den RijnYamana International Holdings Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamNet Group Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamEmerging Europe CAP Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamTeradyne International Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamCPV Canada Development B.V. in AmsterdamWorkx! Holding B.V. in AmsterdamMars Holding B.V. in RillandYamana Brazil Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamKatirci Holding B.V. in AmsterdamYamana Jacobina Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamMineros Argentina Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamBaoBao B.V. in AmstelveenWolff Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamWayne-Dalton Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamAnceus Holding B.V. in AmsterdamHolmstreet Properties B.V. in AmsterdamVeriSilicon B.V. in WoerdenGlobal Mat Coöperatie U.A. in AalsmeerStichting Administratiekantoor aandelen Bosman Zonwering in AmsterdamAlgoma Power Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamMaxximaal Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamAlgoma Power B.V. in AmsterdamLadakh B.V. in DiemenParticipatiemaatschappij SeederDeBoer B.V. in AmsterdamFirst Pacific Enterprise Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamFirst Pacific Telecom Holdings B.V. in Amsterdam1, Inc Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamDerenburg Holding B.V. in HuizenArchimedes B.V. in AmsterdamElvicom Investments B.V. in AmsterdamGreenhouse Stichting in AmsterdamAbsolute Results Training Systems Europe B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Fund 16 B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Fund 18 B.V. in AmsterdamInvestments 2234 Overseas Fund 17 B.V. in AmsterdamFondo Español de Recuperaciones II B.V. in AmsterdamWatermunt Holding B.V. in ReeuwijkPedra Holding B.V. in AmsterdamBegel B.V. in AmsterdamEpiq Systems Holding B.V. in AmsterdamFMC Shipping B.V. in AmsterdamR-Assets Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamR. Greven B.V. in AmsterdamHess (Netherlands) U.S. Oil and Gas Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamVertex B.V. in AmstelveenEndemol Shared Services B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtWoerdeman Beheer B.V. in AbcoudeLebara Group B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtRobert Roozendaal Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamAlex Roozendaal Holding B.V. in AmsterdamFMC Shipping C.V. in AmsterdamNucor European Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamAEN Netherlands Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamInsureco B.V. in BussumR/C Argentina Biofuels Investment Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamNordic Petroleum Development B.V. in AmsterdamWest Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamMondriaan Ventures B.V. in AmsterdamFasko B.V. in AmsterdamBAC Strategic Investments B.V. in AmsterdamFeather Leasing Stichting in AmsterdamCatalijn Suidman Holding B.V. in AmsterdamP.J. van Doorn Holding B.V. in DiemenLytskes Holding B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Interlakes in AmsterdamErgophone Holding B.V. in AmsterdamP.J. van der Poel Advies, Management & Beheer B.V. in De MeernZorgco B.V. in BussumSalesco B.V. in BussumVermilingua B.V. in AmsterdamAHC JV 1 B.V. in AmsterdamEngromest Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamFlip Tonkens B.V. in AmsterdamNatura (Brasil) International B.V. in AmsterdamWK Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamVenture Participant B.V. in AmsterdamUnify Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamDe Waal B.V. in AmsterdamOnMobile Europe B.V. in AmsterdamMexican Real Estate Investments Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamRadiant Global Logistics B.V. in AmsterdamModern Medical Technologies B.V. in AmsterdamSTPF B.V. in AmsterdamBG Meds Holding B.V. in AmsterdamTangolundo Resort B.V. in AmsterdamVilla Magna B.V. in AmsterdamConejos Resort B.V. in AmsterdamCruiseco B.V. in BussumN.P.G. Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPlancius Holding B.V. in AmsterdamSimeric B.V. in AmsterdamInterlakes C.V. in AmsterdamWellsprings Investments Coöperatieve U.A. in AmsterdamDutch Health Holding B.V. in AMSTERDAMSlotco JC B.V. in BussumLatam Holding Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamEclipse Holding Coöperatief U.A. in 's-HertogenboschHNR Energia B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Administratiekantoor Swammerdamstraat in BlaricumR/C Canada Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamCEO Management Consultancy B.V. in AmsterdamLOTRO Holding B.V. in AmsterdamGreetz Holding B.V. in AmsterdamSequoia Infrastructure Investments Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamBTSA Netherlands Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamBrown-Forman Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamHHR Pascal B.V. in AmsterdamPh.J. Breedveld Holding B.V. in AmsterdamEast Holding B.V. in AmsterdamSouth Eastern Autoclean (SEA) B.V. in AmsterdamEast Accession B.V. in AmsterdamMichael Hartnack Holding B.V. in AmsterdamGefferie Holding B.V. in AmsterdamMaurel & Prom Drilling Services B.V. in AmsterdamQuorum Star Holdings Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamBright Day B.V. in AmsterdamPegasus '77 B.V. in DuivendrechtAmmar Holding Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamXOJET Holdings (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamMC IJsselmeerziekenhuizen Holding B.V. in AlmereAmmar Holding B.V. in AmsterdamFramesbouw B.V. in AmsterdamLBR Investments B.V. in HeemskerkLeyburg Ltd. in AmsterdamSequoia Holding B.V. in AmsterdamSequoia Investment Manager B.V. in AmsterdamSequoia Nederland B.V. in AmsterdamSequoia Partners B.V. in AmsterdamT-International Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamCoöperatieve Peli Products U.A. in AmsterdamJ. Staab Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamJeePee Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamMarros International B.V. in AmsterdamItafos International Holdings Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamFoar de Kofje net eamelje B.V. in AmsterdamBlauGranas Beheer B.V. in AmstelveenPeli Products B.V. in AmsterdamPeli Products C.V. in AmsterdamPVDP Holding B.V. in BussumWellco B.V. in BussumXavier Baars B.V. in AmsterdamL.C. Wienecke Holding B.V. in AmsterdamIan Rooker B.V. in AmsterdamTwenty Eight Seven B.V. in MaarsbergenPunchbag B.V. in AlmereCarsandhan B.V. in Amsterdam-DuivendrechtBrown-Forman Dutch Holding B.V. in AmsterdamNotice Holding B.V. in AmsterdamMoppa Holding B.V. in AmsterdamBiofuelco B.V. in Bussum