IFA Brazil Investments B.V. in AmsterdamMax Growth B.V. in AmsterdamMega Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamZydus Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamBalboa Investments B.V. in AmsterdamStichting GreenTouch in AmsterdamSamvardhana Motherson Automotive Systems Group B.V. in AmsterdamCH Holding Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 9 B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 8 B.V. in AmsterdamPetronas Carigali Canada B.V. in Capelle aan den IJsselLaughing Rock 7 B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 6 B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 5 B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 4 B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 3 B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 2 B.V. in AmsterdamLaughing Rock 1 B.V. in AmsterdamFACTS Global Support Solutions in AmsterdamGodrej Consumer Products (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamRuby Ex B.V. in UtrechtEmerald Ex B.V. in UtrechtAmsted Rail Europe B.V. in AmsterdamAmsted Rail Europe Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamStichting Administratiekantoor Trade and Agricultural Investments in AmsterdamVarroc European Holding B.V. in AmsterdamVarrocCorp Holding B.V. in AmsterdamZorgveste Slingerbosch Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamWinkelhart Lelystad Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamAnnexum Woningfonds Apeldoorn Beheer B.V. in AmsterdamGTH Canada B.V. in AmsterdamMeribel B.V. in RotterdamWorldpay B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Holding Axus Finance NL in AmsterdamCo-Investment Partnership III C.V. in AmsterdamVimpelCom Amsterdam Finance B.V. in AmsterdamCIB Group N.V. in SchipholABD Invest N.V. in AmsterdamDaWanda B.V. in HuizenPPP Infrastructure Investment B.V. in AmsterdamExterro B.V. in AmsterdamGetronics Global Services B.V. in AmsterdamBoventoon B.V. in 's-GravenhageVEON Wholesale Services B.V. in AmsterdamPolyplex Europe B.V. in AmsterdamL&T Technology Services Limited in 's-GravenhageRBK Services & Supplies B.V. in SchipholUnisystems B.V. in AmsterdamWintech B.V. in AmsterdamLifecell Ventures Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamPPHE NL Region B.V. in AmsterdamAesynt Holding Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamEducation Honduras B.V. in AmsterdamGodrej Netherlands Argentina B.V. in AmsterdamAesynt Holding B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Security Trustee DMPL XII in AmsterdamWren House Infrastructure Investments B.V. in AmsterdamCCFII B.V. in AmsterdamCemex Bogota Investments B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Security Trustee Hypenn RMBS II in AmsterdamStichting Administratiekantoor Red & Yellow in 's-GravenhageJSW Steel (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamMonocrystal N.V. in AmsterdamXO Property Partners B.V. in AmsterdamCiTer Invest B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Security Trustee iArena in AmsterdamStichting Administratiekantoor NVTG in AmsterdamIndigold Carbon (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamVEON Amsterdam B.V. in AmsterdamCoöperatieve Nethor Investments U.A. in AmsterdamErnst & Young (CIS) Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamTwee Blauwvingers B.V. in AmsterdamVEON Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamVEON Armenia Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamRegal Beloit Holding B.V. in AmsterdamImpala Invest B.V. in AmsterdamKM Trading B.V. in AmsterdamSun Moritz C.V. in AmsterdamCR Zongshen Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPhilbeach B.V. in AmsterdamMassé B.V. in AmsterdamNimbostratus B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Jannes Funding in AmsterdamStichting INPAR Management in AmsterdamAfwan B.V. in AmsterdamVEON Micro Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamHitchens B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Security Trustee SAECURE 14 NHG in AmsterdamTahal Group International B.V. in AmsterdamTotal Specific Solutions (TSS) B.V. in NieuwegeinOnyx Ex B.V. in UtrechtVimpelCom Telecom Holding B.V. in AmsterdamAmethyst Ex B.V. in AmsterdamAquamarine Ex B.V. in UtrechtJasper Ex B.V. in UtrechtRubber Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamGodrej Argentina Dutch Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamStars Group Holdings B.V. in 's-GravenhageArena NHG 2014-I B.V. in AmsterdamStars Group Holdings Coöperatieve U.A. in 's-GravenhageHEMA BondCo II B.V. in AmsterdamHEMA BondCo I B.V. in AmsterdamNori Holdings Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamHotel Amsterdam Centre B.V. in AmsterdamMarks and Spencer B.V. in AmsterdamVelti Technologies Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamBOS Brands Europe in AmsterdamSK Terminal B.V. in HelmondMOL Cameroon B.V. in AmsterdamKalegran B.V. in AmsterdamMOL West Oman B.V. in AmsterdamMOL (FED) Kazakhstan B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Holding Arena NHG 2014-I in AmsterdamGroupon Goods Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamGalaxy Lithium Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamFoxconn SA B.V. in AmsterdamMota-Engil Africa Global Technical Services B.V. in AmsterdamSuperior Energy Services Group B.V. in AmsterdamOando OML 131 Holding B.V. in AmsterdamSerengeti Manyara Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamOando Netherlands Holdings 4 B.V. in AmsterdamOando Investments Holding B.V. in AmsterdamOando Netherlands Holdings 5 B.V. in AmsterdamCapernel B.V. in AmsterdamIluka Investments 1 B.V. in AmsterdamTorrec III B.V. in AmsterdamIluka Trading (Europe) B.V. in AmsterdamICTSI Oceania B.V. in RotterdamICTSI Global Finance B.V. in RotterdamAnvopiso B.V. in AmsterdamRussian-BD Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamWarwick Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamBrandenburg Barrel Zweibruecken BuyCo B.V. in AmsterdamICSM Holding Coöperatief U.A. in MaastrichtRESAM London B.V. in AmsterdamZi-A Capital B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Gerona in AmsterdamRegulatory and Quality Solutions Netherlands B.V. in NoordwijkStichting Holding STORM 2014-II in AmsterdamStichting Security Trustee STORM 2014-II in AmsterdamUnico Investments B.V. in AmsterdamAdveq Europe Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamAccel London Holdings (Netherlands) Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamGaud Investments N.V. in AmsterdamEligius B.V. in AmsterdamSaas Topholding B.V. in BussumACR II Motus Integrated Technologies Coöperatief U.A. in AmstelveenJZ Business Services 4 B.V. in UtrechtPrime Focus World N.V. in AmsterdamPortAventura Entertainment Barcelona B.V. in AmsterdamAugere Holdings (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamREN Finance B.V. in AmsterdamPoder Investments B.V. in AmsterdamCI Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamSignode Netherlands B.V. in UtrechtTP Vision Europe B.V. in AmsterdamRaven International Holding Company B.V. in AmsterdamSanta Inés B.V. in AmsterdamRamblas Investments B.V. in AmsterdamKarl Lagerfeld Holding B.V. in AmsterdamVDC Dutch Holding Coöperatief U.A. in BadhoevedorpOil and Gas Maritime Services B.V. in AmsterdamSapas Investments B.V. in AmsterdamCERNAMBI NORTE MV26 B.V. in AmsterdamInnodrill Holding B.V. in SchiedamMabloem Ontwikkeling B.V. in AmsterdamWorldwide Maritime Services Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamBASH-VIT B.V. in AmsterdamSME Lion II B.V. in AmsterdamZED+ B.V. in AmsterdamStichting BASH-VIT in AmsterdamIpswich Holdings Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamSurveyMonkey Netherlands Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamATC Colombia B.V. in AmsterdamCompalead Electronics B.V. in AmsterdamDutch Mortgage Portfolio Loans XII B.V. in AmsterdamSum Energy Israel Management B.V. in AmsterdamLittelfuse Holding IV B.V. in DeventerStichting Security Trustee SME Lion II in AmsterdamStichting Holding SME Lion in AmsterdamStichting DMPL XII Holding in AmsterdamHypenn RMBS II B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Holding Hypenn RMBS II in AmsterdamBrightpoint EUROPCO B.V. in UtrechtWTG Holdings Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamStichting Sonnewijck in Alphen aan den RijnSt. Jozef 1916 B.V. in 's-HertogenboschAGI Global Holdings Coöperatief U.A. in AmstelveenStichting Baroge in AmsterdamRusHydro International B.V. in AmsterdamSAECURE 14 NHG B.V. in AmsterdamBlue Rain B.V. in AmsterdamTranseastern Power B.V. in AmsterdamBTF Industries B.V. in AmsterdamEric Bouwman Pensioen B.V. in AmsterdamNiska Sponsor Holdings Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamDLJ MB III TYC Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamBTSA Ghana Holdco B.V. in AmsterdamFountain Capital B.V. in AmsterdamFirefly Investments B.V. in AmsterdamBlue Falcon B.V. in AmsterdamiArena B.V. in AmsterdamKingdom Holding 2 B.V. in AmsterdamEmerging Europe Accession Fund Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamMOL CZ Downstream Investment B.V. in AmsterdamMOL Slovenia Downstream Investment B.V. in AmsterdamYamana Mendoza Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamLoquitur Marketing B.V. in AmsterdamYamana Santa Cruz Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamYamana Services Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamToyota Tsusho Goreway Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamWESCO Distribution NL B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Religare India Credit Assets Fund in AmsterdamWDINESCO II B.V. in AmsterdamBE Partners B.V. in AmsterdamHarbert York Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamWeesperplein 6 Holding B.V. in AmsterdamNOVA CHEMICALS LATIN AMERICA B.V. in AmsterdamNovacor Chemicals Investments B.V. in AmsterdamStichting German Senior Loans in AmsterdamSkanska Holding East B.V. in AmsterdamTurkish Retail Investments B.V. in AmsterdamRoust Holdings V B.V. in AmsterdamCBK Netherlands Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamSLA Netherlands No.1 B.V. in AmsterdamCOFCO Agri Resources Netherlands B.V. in RotterdamCOFCO Jade B.V. in RotterdamLogistics Investments 1 B.V. in OldenzaalSilk Trust Private Equity Coöperatie U.A. in AmsterdamStructured investments 1 SPV B.V. in AmsterdamAmorim Financial Sector B.V. in AmsterdamAmorim Aliança B.V. in AmsterdamInvestmark Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamItacaré B.V. in AmsterdamRuas Holding B.V. in AmsterdamPraia do Forte B.V. in AmsterdamCook Nederland B.V. in AmsterdamAXES Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamTopbreach Holding B.V. in AmsterdamOil Investments B.V. in AmsterdamCitycon Treasury B.V. in AmsterdamCitycon Estonian Investments B.V. in AmsterdamKDDI Overseas Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamBarrday B.V. in ValkenswaardChubu Electric Power Thailand SPP B.V. in AmsterdamTupperware Brands Investments B.V. in AmsterdamT2 (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamRFS Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamStichting New Angle in AmstelveenSvyaznoy N.V. in AmsterdamSkullcandy Europe B.V. in AmsterdamSkullcandy International Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamMailprofs Uitzendbureaux B.V. in AmsterdamMarathon Oil Netherlands One B.V. in AmsterdamArcadia US1 B.V. in AmsterdamVocus International B.V. in AmsterdamElbrus Holdings Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamElbrus Global I B.V. in AmsterdamL.K. Bennett Holland B.V. in AmsterdamMenorca Investments B.V. in AmsterdamOil India International B.V. in AmsterdamNS Coal Investment Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamNorth America Holding (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamMVM Resources International B.V. in Amsterdamstichting Novitus in AmsterdamTurkish Holdings III Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamTurkish Holdings IV Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamThermax Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamRestaurantes Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamMarathon Kenya Limited B.V. in AmsterdamANV Coöperatie II U.A. in AmsterdamANV Coöperatie I U.A. in AmsterdamDEN Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamSELINE B.V. in Maastricht-AirportMONERGO B.V. in AmsterdamAAM Deploying Entity B.V. in AmsterdamRise Asia Finance Company B.V. in AmsterdamOC Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamFC Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamCorporativo Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamEnergia Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamPC Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamCNT Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamConstrucción Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamOperaciones Avicolas GT Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamFinanzas Holdings C.V. in AmsterdamNovada Holding B.V. in AmsterdamCentury Aluminum B.V. in AmsterdamREALTEC-NL B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Structured investments C in AmsterdamStichting Structured Investments A in AmsterdamElbrus Global II B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Structured Investments B in AmsterdamIapetus B.V. in AmsterdamRUS AD Invest Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamJ.P. Morgan Structured Products B.V. in AmsterdamMarcapital Investment B.V. in AmsterdamInterpublic Group Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamSolarReserve International Holdings I, B.V. in AmsterdamWhite Pike Financial Services International B.V. in AmsterdamFPSO 1 B.V. in AmsterdamiWatt B.V. in 's-HertogenboschNHK Spring Europe B.V. in AmsterdamSanten Holdings EU B.V. in AmsterdamiWatt Coöperatief U.A. in 's-HertogenboschMarubeni Foods Investment Asia Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamMuleSoft Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamAndrew Wireless Products B.V. in DelftRussian Dialysis Centers Holding B.V. in AmsterdamKUFPEC Indonesia (SES&ONWJ) B.V. in 's-GravenhageKUFPEC Indonesia (SES) B.V. in 's-GravenhageKUFPEC Indonesia (ONWJ) B.V. in 's-GravenhageConstruction Equipment Corporation B.V. in AmsterdamHI Holdings Riviera Maya B.V. in AmsterdamNOOH Investments B.V. in AmsterdamHI Holdings Latin America B.V. in AmsterdamAROS Funding B.V. in AmsterdamPomeroy IT Solutions UK Limited in AmsterdamMaschem B.V. in HoekDetica B.V. in AmsterdamAAM Purple Silo B.V. in AmsterdamHappiest Minds Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in AmsterdamCSM Software Private Limited in AmsterdamClearleap Europe B.V. in AmsterdamBT NEDERLAND N.V. in AmsterdamAAM Orange Silo B.V. in AmsterdamEndoStim B.V. in AmsterdamKrisEnergy (Bala-Balakang) B.V. in AmsterdamAéroports de Paris Investissement Nederland B.V. in AmsterdamSpotify Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamTroy TRM in AmsterdamStichting Aerofinance 1 in AmsterdamStichting Aerofinance 2 in AmsterdamTAF Asset 10 B.V. in AmsterdamContego CLO II B.V. in AmsterdamBarrday Cooperative U.A. in ValkenswaardOude Palma Investments B.V. in Hardinxveld-GiessendamOude Bespa Investments B.V. in Hardinxveld-GiessendamURBN NL Holding C.V. in AmsterdamScranton Investments B.V. in AmsterdamApptio NL B.V. in AlmereIV International Licensing Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamMLN Holding B.V. in AmsterdamTesa Investments B.V. in AmsterdamCosmo Oil Europe B.V. in AmsterdamAtlantica International B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Contego CLO II in AmsterdamIndOil Global B.V. in AmsterdamICECAPITAL Saint Petersburg Residential Fund I Holding B.V. in AmsterdamIES Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamJapan Australia Rare Earths B.V. in AmsterdamSojitz Rare Earths Investment B.V. in AmsterdamBL Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamStichting HC Finance 6 in AmsterdamStichting HC Finance 5 in AmsterdamStichting HC Finance 4 in AmsterdamStichting HC Finance 3 in AmsterdamCFP Energy (NL) B.V. in AmsterdamRoland DG Europe Holdings B.V. in AmstelveenIstra Cement B.V. in AmsterdamTempo Financial Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamImdex Global B.V. in AmsterdamGAZ Agricultural Machinery B.V. in AmsterdamInvitel International Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamMasergy Communications UK Ltd. in AmsterdamComposmart B.V. in MiddelharnisMamasito B.V. in AmsterdamMamasito Coöperatieve U.A. in AmsterdamJyrus Bradford B.V. in AmsterdamJyrus Gateshead CP B.V. in AmsterdamJyrus Swindon CP B.V. in AmsterdamJyrus Swindon in AmsterdamJyrus Sheffield B.V. in AmsterdamJyrus Sheffield CP B.V. in AmsterdamOmwater B.V. in AmsterdamSuomi Power Networks TopCo B.V. in AmsterdamSodrugestvo B.V. in AmsterdamStichting AROS Funding in AmsterdamEnnis Paint Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamChubu Electric Power Goreway B.V. in AmsterdamKrisEnergy Asia Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamVolcano Netherlands Holdings B.V. in BestLodha Developers International (Netherlands) B.V. in AmsterdamFCI Holdings Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamDr Martens Airwair Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamHayfin Ruby III B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Hayfin Ruby III in AmsterdamOctober Management B.V. in HeemstedeMediavisual Group B.V. in AmsterdamClientConnect B.V. in AmsterdamGasServ (Netherlands) V B.V. in AmsterdamDryden 32 Euro CLO 2014 B.V. in AmsterdamAdlens European Retail B.V. in AmsterdamEP Tres Cantos B.V. in AmsterdamNorthern Lights Bulgaria B.V. in AmsterdamJubilee CLO 2014-XII B.V. in AmsterdamPrimark Fashion B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Jubilee CLO 2014-XII in AmsterdamI M Project B.V. in Bunschoten-SpakenburgCyan International Holdings C.V. in 94954 Petaluma CAHavord Corporation N.V. in SchipholHelike B.V. in BussumAlbiorix B.V. in BussumIocaste B.V. in BussumCyllene B.V. in BussumBlue Topaz Shipbuilding B.V. in SchipholGoGrid Ams B.V. in AmsterdamReckitt Benckiser (ENA) B.V. in SchipholManagement Co-Invest B.V. in SchipholRetailMeNot B.V. in SliedrechtGPC Global Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamPlaytech Services (NL) B.V. in Maastricht-AirportMTHC Financing B.V. in AmsterdamMTHC Financing Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamWCC Holding B.V. in AmsterdamC-bed B.V. in SchipholEmirates in SchipholAspen Pumps Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamDTEK ENERGY B.V. in AmsterdamYHC International B.V. in AmsterdamSRS Power B.V. in SchipholMedipower Global B.V. in SchipholAmazon Development Center (Netherlands) B.V. in 's-GravenhageSutton Tools Europe Coöperatie U.A. in BredaLaing Investments Management Services (Netherlands) Limited in SchipholHydra Dutch Holdings 2 B.V. in SchipholVirtusa International, B.V. in UtrechtInfinera Optics B.V. in AmsterdamStichting AkBars I in AmsterdamCitigroup Netherlands Holdings B.V. in SchipholSemGroup Netherlands B.V. in Amsterdamattune Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Voting Trust IDTI (Cayman) Subsidiary Limited in SchipholNAI Logistics B.V. in AmsterdamEnvios Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamAura (Netherlands) B.V. in SchipholANI International Development B.V. in AmsterdamDutch Holding Rembrandt B.V. in AmsterdamStichting WKO Maasboulevard in AmsterdamVi International Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamVi Europe Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamModern-Expo B.V. in AmsterdamSFG B.V. in TilburgNew Growth Plus B.V. in AmsterdamNew Growth B.V. in AmsterdamMillennium Energy B.V. in AmsterdamTireinvest B.V. in AmsterdamMazoon B.V. in AmsterdamMajan Energy B.V. in AmsterdamOman Oil Holding Europe B.V. in AmsterdamHassad Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamFlow Foreign Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamStichting TatFond 1 in SchipholHive Investments (Netherlands) B.V. in Broek op LangedijkIndigo Mexico Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamKostas Holding B.V. in AmsterdamDIF Management B.V. in SchipholVi Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamPrimestream B.V. in AmsterdamLatitude Worldwide B.V. in AmsterdamAndorra Capital Agrícol Reig, B.V. in AmsterdamBloom Group Holdings II B.V. in AmsterdamLongreach Edith Investment Coöperatief 3 U.A. in AmsterdamLongreach Edith Investment Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamLongreach Edith Investment Coöperatief 2 U.A. in AmsterdamGorman-Rupp International B.V. in AmsterdamLSI Water Solutions B.V. in AmsterdamESCAL International B.V. in SchipholMMG Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamAchaean Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamKoegorspolder B.V. in VelpDIF Infra Yield 1 Finance B.V. in SchipholSovco Capital Partners Holding B.V. in SchipholAfricaNeth Coöperatief U.A. in RotterdamFresenius Medical Care Far East Holding B.V. in AmsterdamNeora B.V. in AmsterdamSteelStor International B.V. in BredaStichting derde vredesjaar in AmsterdamCBRE Global Investors EMEA AIFM B.V. in SchipholBuffalo Wild Wings Global Franchising B.V. in AmsterdamEstro Topco B.V. in AmsterdamOMX Netherlands B.V. in AmsterdamMontea Rotterdam N.V. in TilburgRadionomy Group B.V. in AmsterdamHexacomb Netherlands Holdings B.V. in OosterhoutPuglia Solar Portfolio 2 LP C.V. in SchipholCGTN Coöperatieve U.A. in AmsterdamPPD Netherlands B.V. in SchipholDTEK OIL&GAS B.V. in AmsterdamHome Medic Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamNatasa Coal B.V. in SchipholRollins Europe B.V. in AmsterdamNBL International C.V. in AmsterdamNBL C.V. in AmsterdamMarathon Outdoor Coöperatief U.A. in AmsterdamCarbonite International Holdings B.V. in AmsterdamPW Trading B.V. in SchipholVistra Family Office Services B.V. in AmsterdamStichting Lharus Education Fostering Group in SchipholIDC Holding B.V. in Amsterdam